• Mary K.

    I feel so much better being in my home. Getting rid of my clutter is a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m so grateful for all the help. The push, feedback, and ideas helped SO much. We’ve been here for 3 years but I wasn’t motivated to get anything done before.
  • Lynn W.

    Assignment accepted!  I cleaned  up the trash and swept (yes, I did!) in the kitchen last night.  It’s amazing how I start complaining in my brain thinking “oh man, I have to do this every night”. It’s like an automatic response, and it doesn’t help.  But I’m learning to think differently and it’s helping.  You did a great job!
  • Josh W.

    Working with Unjumbled was a great experience! Margaret is flexible and understanding and showed incredible patience with my hectic schedule causing delays.

  • Felicia M.

    I just needed a little prompting and help with strategies to get started. I’ve been able to build momentum and complete the den within a reasonable amount of time. Once I got started, I didn’t stop. I moved the furniture to the basement, moved my desk and a new lateral filing cabinet into the den, hung most of my degrees and awards around the door, lowered the picture hanging on the wall, and shredded several documents. I also moved all of my novels, puzzles and self-help books to the basement and organized the bookshelf in the basement. Now, I just have to take the time to move the files from the boxes and my desk into the filing cabinets. I’m on my way!
  • Cassie C.

    My Strategic Report is amazing!  We’re doing great on following through on it.  I got multiple rooms rearranged/organized over the past two weekends.  And our oldest daughter opted to clean up a mess by herself while her sisters are watching a show. I knew you were someone I was going to want to keep in my life.
  • Maureen B

    “I’m really excited about your ideas since they solve problems I hadn’t yet solved for myself.  You were right about losing the toy box in the playroom–that cleans up the look.  Setting up the sectional seating the way you suggested works well too.  I moved the Lego table back to the corner and rehung my art and plants and the cube shelving we discussed for books arrives tomorrow. There is something about all this that makes me feel much more settled and satisfied with the room.  Thank you!”

  • Annie H

    “Thank you for helping me put my budget together. I had no idea where to start which is scary since I want to move out on my own in a couple months. Now I know that I have enough income and how much I can spend. I’m ready for adulting!”