Virtual Organizing Life Tips

  • Two women standing back to back against a neutral background. They look determined. The caption reads, "How to make decluttering easier"

    6 Ways To Make Decluttering Easier

    Sure, decluttering is hard. But it doesn't have to be! Here are 6 ways to make decluttering easier . . . but, spoiler alert, you really only need 3 of them. A.C.E. - Accountability, community, and encouragement. Unleash ACE and kickstart your clutter-free life!

  • Middle-aged woman standing with a frazzled, exasperated look with a banner over her forehead reading 'Declutter With Confidence'

    A Guide To Declutter With Confidence

    Decluttering often means addressing the fear of letting go and the fear of releasing the hold others' expectations have on you. When you do that . . . voila! You will create a home that fosters peace, clarity, and authenticity.

  • Woman in her 60's crying with her head in hand with the caption "your kids don't want what you saved"

    What To Do If Your Kids Don’t Want The Treasures You Saved

    Mementos and memories are awesome! If your kids want them, terrific. But if they don't, look forward rather than backward. The future is for making new memories and finding new treasures together. Change your focus.

  • Spin The Wheel decluttering game

    Let’s Play A Game–Tips on How to Make Decluttering Fun

    Game-ify your decluttering! Creativity and competition plus maybe even getting the kids and grandkids to jump in, will give you a huge dose of decluttering mojo. Let the games begin!

  • Woman with a smile says, "Good-bye, Decision Paralysis"

    How To Say Good-Bye To Decision Paralysis

    Decision paralysis is definitely an obstacle to effective decluttering, but it's not insurmountable. And it’s worth it! Decluttering is not just about tidying up physical spaces but also about clearing mental clutter and making room for a more intentional and fulfilling life. SO worth it!

  • Blackboard with chalk writing that that says "Focus on" and then has two check-off boxes saying "progress" and "perfection"

    Progress Over Perfection: A Journey Towards Growth

    Salvador Dali said, ""Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it." He's right! The fear of not being perfect can be paralyzing, make it hard to work with others, and lead to great unhappiness. Learn to celebrate decluttering progress and the lessons you learn along the way.