Virtual Organizing Life Tips

  • Stack of small, grayish stones against a light gray background with the title "Best Way To Declutter? STACK It!"

    How I Learned The Best Way To Declutter–STACK it!

    Life is about constant self-discovery, improvement, and change. And that's a good thing! Here's my decluttering journey over the decades and how it developed into my proven decluttering method, STACK. I would love to hear about YOUR journey!

  • Box with "Donate" written on it and a big red question mark over the picture

    Donate or Sell: Which is Better After Decluttering?

    When it comes to deciding what to do with things you no longer need after decluttering, the good news is that you have options. The bad news is that you have options. With so many options, it can be tough to decide!

  • Senior dad and daughter standing in kitchen packing boxes as he downsizes

    My Journey: Helping Mom and Dad Downsize

    Downsizing is for a season but your relationship with your parents is forever. When you're helping your folks downsize, be careful not to sacrifice their feelings for efficiency.

  • Blue scrapbook page with title '3 Ways You Can Finally Finish Scrapbooking"

    3 Ways You Can Finally Finish Scrapbooking

    Scrapbooks are meant to be enjoyed; not to heap guilt on you. Here are some options for you if you have a scrapbook (or two!) that you haven't finished yet. Life is too short to let stuff make you feel guilty.

  • Arms reaching into the sky with broken shackles and the caption "Do I have to keep all the family heirlooms"

    Help! Do I REALLY Have to Keep All The Family Heirlooms?

    Letting go of family heirlooms is not about erasing the past but rather about enjoying the present and the future. Release yourself from the emotional weight of inherited items that don't fit you or your home.

  • Hourglass on a sand-colored background with the words 'Decluttering When Time Is Short"

    10 Ideas To Help You Declutter In Just A Few Minutes

    Finding time to declutter doesn't have to mean sacrificing hours of your day. When you take advantage of small pockets of time throughout your daily routine, you’ll make steady progress toward a clutter-free home.