Virtual Organizing Life Tips

  • sneakers on the ground with chalk arrows pointing in 3 directions

    5 Tips For Overcoming Decision Paralysis

    Kick decision paralysis to the curb with these 5 tips.

  • sign that says declutter, recycle, simplify, trash, sell, sort, donate, and keep

    Decluttering Never Felt So Good

    Swedish Death Cleaning is the practice of decluttering your possessions now so that your grieving children don’t have to do it when you’re gone. It feels great!

  • Chef's hat with vegetables spilling out

    6 Common Kitchen Problems—And How To Fix Them

    Be more efficient in your kitchen--and enjoy it more--by eliminating the friction.

  • mother and young daughter going on a hike

    Give Adventures, Not Stuff

    Giving children adventures rather than stuff creates a lifetime of memories.

  • Pile of folded laundry

    To Fold Or Not To Fold

    How do you choose the best laundry strategy?

  • Picture of 3 women doing see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil

    Lies We Tell Ourselves

    If you resolved to get more organized in the new year, it helps to look at the organizing lies we often tell ourselves and the truths behind them.