A 4-Week Program To Kickstart Your Clutter-Free Life

UnjumbledNOW is a unique group program that fixes every reason you couldn’t declutter before. Choose your class day & time and start getting tons of personalized advice from me as your professional organizer both in and out of class.  Lifetime group support?  It’s there too for inspiration and encouragement. You will finally be proud of your home and love coming back to it.

But do it NOW!  Think about it — how many times have you had good intentions to start decluttering?  Maybe you even started but didn’t keep going.  Book your spot now and commit yourself to success.  You didn’t get decluttered when you had no plan, no help, and no one holding you accountable.  Change all that with the click of a button today.  Future You thanks Today You!

Clutter weighs a lot!
Imagine living without that weight as you:
walk to your closet without stumbling over the laundry basket
effortlessly grab an outfit from your closet that you know will fit
put your makeup on without digging through schmutzy old stuff
sip coffee and enjoy a danish without having to move anything to sit down
(it’s only breakfast time, but your day feels pretty great so far, doesn’t it?!)
With UnjumbledNOW, we achieve this TOGETHER!
Your clutter-free vision is your reality
Margaret Pointing
Kickstart your clutter-free life by unleashing ACE
~ Accountability, Community & Encouragement ~
Women on a video call
Women on a video call
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Declutter in just 30 minutes a week

Here’s How! Get 1:1 support as I share my proven STACK method of decluttering. You and up to 4 others tackle any project you choose. Your bedroom closet?  Your pantry?  Your basement?  YOU choose!

Bye-bye, Clutter!

Benefits include:

built-in weekly decluttering time
community support & encouragement
expert advice from a professional organizer (in AND out of class)
lifetime membership in UnjumbledNOW’s private Facebook group
Meetings are recorded and provided for replay
happy client

My life is changing with this!

More Testimonials

Meeting with Margaret kept me accountable and on track. Having regular sessions on the calendar really helped!

Marian R., New York

You gave me my home and life back. Thank you!!

Cynthia B., Kansas

I didn’t need someone to do it for me. I just needed Margaret there to point me in the right direction and keep me accountable.

Kathy F., Illinois

I know I wouldn’t be this far if I hadn’t worked with Margaret.

Mary Kate F., Pennsylvania

Secure Your Spot TODAY

~ Limited spots available ~


Need to miss a class?  Let me know–I’ll arrange a make-up class.
(Please note:  No classes the week of July 15)


How do I know this will work?

I’ve been helping people just like you for over 20 years.  I’ve seen and solved the challenges you’re facing for so many others and will do the same for you.  Have other questions?  Take a look!

I will NEVER suggest that you lie, belittle, or disrespect your spouse in any way.  But I will help you figure out what you CAN do to declutter as much as possible so that you’re happier with your spaces.  Remember, the only person you can change is you.  But, that’s OK because we can do a lot in areas you have responsibility for.

Understood!  It’s not just a matter of trying harder to do more.  Together, we’ll figure out what your limits are and how to work within them so that you see and feel success but don’t exceed your limits and burn out.  Will decluttering take a bit longer?  Sure.  But we’ll still reach your goal.

It’s rarely a matter of keeping all or nothing.  Together, we’ll consider what sentimental items you’re holding on to and why.  Then we’ll purposefully think through what makes sense to keep to reflect your family story in a beautiful way that doesn’t over-burden you.  Here’s another way to look at it . . . a museum doesn’t keep everything that comes their way.  They curate their collection so it’s accessible, informative, beautiful, or whatever goal they’ve set.  We’ll do that for you.

As you can imagine, there’s a WIDE variety of areas that people work on.  So far members have worked on:  master bedroom, bedroom walk-in closet, bathroom, guest room, craft room, pictures & sentimental items, kitchen, office, basement, living room, and family room.  Anything is fair game!

Many members declutter during class.  We meet for 30 minutes and they work on their area while fellow group members ask questions.  But not all members declutter during class.  If it works better for them to use our time to sit, listen, and strategize, no problem!  Additional decluttering takes place between weekly classes.  You get the information you need during class and through our private Facebook group to know exactly what to do during the week.  I am always amazed at just how much progress members make each week . . . and not because they’re spending hours and hours decluttering.  In fact, that’s discouraged because it’s not sustainable.  They make progress because they declutter small amounts (30-45 minutes) consistently (3-5 days/week).  It really adds up!

Not necessarily!  My website is set up to accept members from the U.S. and Canada.  If you’re outside that area and want to join, shoot me an email at info@unjumbledhome.com and let me know what country you’re in.  I’ll get my wonderful web guy to add your country to our database.

I live in the Philadelphia area so class times are always given in ET (Eastern Time zone).  Class times may vary a little but I typically offer a morning class and an afternoon class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for a total of 6 available class times.

I limit group size to no more than 5 members.  I want everyone to get personalized attention which doesn’t work well if the groups are larger than 5.  Every once in a while, I have a class that only 1 person signed up for.  No problem!  I will still run that class.

You don’t have to be a ‘techie’ at all.  Our oldest member (so far!) is Betsye who is 89 years-old.  If Betsye can do it, so can you!  Here’s how what you need re: technology:

– A cell phone or a laptop camera

– Zoom access.  We meet weekly via Zoom.  If you’re not comfortable with Zoom (yet!), let me know and I’ll set up as many practice sessions as you need before your classes start.

– Email account:  I’ll email a meeting reminder to you each day you have class.  I’ll also email the replay link from your class so you can watch it to get notes or play it in the background to keep you motivated as you declutter throughout the week.

– Facebook account (optional):  You don’t have to be on Facebook, but your membership includes a lifetime membership in our private Facebook group.  You’ll be surprise at what a blessing this group is.  Members share their before & after pictures, lightbulb moments, discouragements, successes . . . you name it, we share it.  It’s one of those perks that seems like a ‘meh, that’s nice’ and turns out to be ‘wow, this support and encouragement is amazing’.

No worries!  Every class is recorded and I send your small group a replay link after each class.  Members use the replay to review what we talked about and some even like to replay the link throughout the week as they declutter between classes.

Sorry!  This is an area I can’t help you with.  Being able to provide a replay link to your small group and others (for educational or marketing purposes) is a key part of what I offer so each session is recorded.  The only thing that will be on camera is what you share and your last name will never be used.

Each session is 4 weeks long.  During each of those weeks, you will have a 30-minute class (to be honest, they often run 40 minutes but you can jump off, if you need to).  Sessions are purposefully set at 30 minutes because 1) I don’t want anyone feeling overwhelmed and 2) I always teach that decluttering for small amounts of time (30 minutes) and doing it consistently (3-5 days/week), will allow you to accomplish so much more than looking for big chunks of time that are impossible to find.

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard, “I was so embarrassed for anyone to see my place, but now I see that everyone is just like me.” . . . I’d have a pretty hefty bank account!  There is no room for judging or embarrassment in UnjumbledNOW.  We all have our own messes, our own challenges, and our own energy to deal with the clutter.  This isn’t a race or a contest.  It’s real people helping other real people and we have nothing but nice folks supporting other nice folks.

No worries!  If you know you’re going to be gone for one of your classes, let me know and I can make other arrangements for you to make up that class.  If you’re going to miss more than one week, let’s talk before you sign up.  I might be able to make other arrangements for you, but if it doesn’t look like that will work out for one or both of us, I can let you know when the next session will be and we’ll have you sign up for that one.