A 4-Week Program To Kickstart Your Clutter-Free Life

Clutter weighs a lot!
Imagine living without that weight as you:
walk to your closet in the morning without stumbling on an overflowing laundry basket
effortlessly grab an outfit from your closet confident that anything you pick will fit and be something you like wearing
put your makeup on without digging through schmutzy old stuff that hasn’t looked good on you in years
peacefully sip coffee and enjoy a danish without having to move anything to sit down
(it’s only breakfast time, but your day feels pretty great so far, doesn’t it?!)
With UnjumbledNOW, we achieve this TOGETHER! Your vision will become your reality as you declutter, build good habits, and find your clutter-free light at the end of the tunnel.
Margaret Pointing
Kickstart a clutter-free life by unleashing ACE
~ accountability, community & encouragement ~
Women on a video call
Women on a video call
woman on video phone call
women in chat meeting

Start to declutter in just 30 minutes a week.

Here’s How! Get 1:1 support as I share my proven STACK method of decluttering & organizing. You and up to 4 others will tackle any project you choose. Maybe you’ll finally clean out a bedroom closet while a new friend organizes her pantry and another tackles DOOM boxes.

Bye, bye to whatever stresses you out!

ACE, ACE, Baby!

Benefits include:

structured decluttering time
community support & encouragement
expert advice from a professional organizer
lifetime membership in UnjumbledNOW’s private Facebook group
10% off any Unjumbled Organizing Package during membership
Email your decluttering questions to Margaret during your membership
Meetings will be recorded and available for replay
happy client

My life is changing with this!

More Testimonials

Meeting with Margaret kept me accountable and on track. Having regular sessions on the calendar really helped!

Marian R., New York

You gave me my home and life back. Thank you!!

Cynthia B., Kansas

I didn’t need someone to do it for me. I just needed Margaret there to point me in the right direction and keep me accountable.

Kathy F., Illinois

I know I wouldn’t be this far if I hadn’t worked with Margaret.

Mary Kate F., Pennsylvania

Secure your day & time today!

~ Limited spots available ~