Success Stories

Stories! We’ve got a million of them!! But we’ll give you just a few here to let you know that you’re not alone and how we can help with your organizing needs, virtually. (All names have been changed because confidentiality is super important to us.)

  • Mother homeschooling her children

    Helping a homeschool mom figure out a way to make their house work better for the family

    Carrie has an older home that is fairly big but is constantly cluttered and messy.  Her children range from 2 to 13 years old and she homeschools the older kids.

  • Daughter helping mother do dishes

    Helping a busy family of 4 achieve a tidy home

    Ray and Sharon are a 40-something couple with a teen and tween living at home. They both wanted a clean, peaceful home where all 4 family members contributed to keeping the home pleasant and peaceful.

  • Busy mom working with baby on lap

    Helping a busy mom of 5 to create a daily schedule that works

    Tamika, a busy 30-something mom, has 5 children, the youngest was a month old and the oldest was 10.  They were good kids but dinner was getting on the table late every night.

  • Women organizing photos of deceased husband

    Assisting a widow to declutter her husband’s office

    Sunny has a beautiful, VERY organized home. The kind of home an organizer sees and wonders why they’ve been called. As it turned out, Sunny desperately needed us for one particular room.

  • Boy helping with chores

    Getting a 6-year old boy to help around the house

    Seth is part of a big family–he has 4 brothers and a sister. His mom is very organized–she even homeschools the 3 oldest kids–but needs more help around the house and reached out to us to find out how to get that help.