7 New Ways to Think About Organizing

7 New Ways to Think About Organizing

Think you’ve exhausted all the organizing ideas for your home? Maybe not! Sometimes, the most ingenious organizing solutions come from borrowing from others. From Quakers hanging chairs on walls to various cultural methods, let’s look at a few organizing ideas that may be new to you.

Quaker Innovation: Chairs on Walls

The Quakers, known for their simplicity and practicality, introduced a space-saving method that maintains functionality—hanging chairs on walls. This unconventional approach not only maximizes floor space but also adds a unique aesthetic to the room. Imagine walking into a space where chairs double as wall decor, blending functionality with artistry.

Cultural Wisdom: Lessons from Around the World

Japanese room with minimal furniture and filtered light

Japanese Minimalism

The concept of “Ma” in Japanese culture emphasizes the beauty of empty space. This philosophy encourages decluttering and organizing items mindfully, creating an atmosphere of calmness and serenity within a room.

Moroccan Tiling

Intricate Moroccan tile patterns are beautiful, and also serve as a guide for organization. Incorporating Moroccan tile designs on walls or floors creates specific areas or zones within a room. For instance, using these patterns to delineate a reading nook or a workspace can create a distinct and organized space within a larger room.

intricate blue moroccan tile

Scandinavian Functionalism

Scandinavian design principles focus on simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. Furniture pieces often serve multiple purposes, allowing for efficient use of space without compromising on style. Ikea catalogs are a great place to look for ideas on how to do this.

Uncommon Innovations: Thinking Beyond Conventions

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens not only add a touch of greenery but also optimize space utilization, transforming bare walls into artwork.

Pegboards and Grids

Pegboards and grid systems aren’t just for workshops—they’re versatile solutions for organizing various items, from kitchen utensils to office supplies, creating an organized yet visually appealing display.

Multi-functional Furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage or can be transformed into different shapes and sizes is a testament to clever space-saving designs. Examples include ottomans with hidden compartments and tables that expand or fold into smaller units.

Woman lifting the lid of an ottoman in her living room so she can store pillows and blankets there

Embracing the Unconventional

Organizing spaces isn’t just about tidiness; it’s an art form that allows for creativity, efficiency, and personal expression. By exploring unconventional methods, we open doors to a world where functionality meets ingenuity.

Go ahead and experiment! Draw inspiration from the unexpected and infuse your home with the charm of “out of the box” ideas. Have you already tried something that works well for you? Add a comment to this article or send an email to info@unjumbledhome.com and tell me about it!

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