How To Keep Your Middle Schooler (Productively) Busy

How To Keep Your Middle Schooler (Productively) Busy

How do you keep your middle schooler PRODUCTIVELY busy until school starts again? Middle schoolers are typically too old for camp but not old enough for a summer job. Summer was great at first but now they’re bored and spending most of their time playing video games.

bored teenager playing video games

Redeem The Time

Don’t panic, Mom and Dad! You can still redeem the time and give your middle schooler a valuable experience that will benefit them throughout the coming school year and the rest of life. Why not use the remaining weeks before school starts to have your student get their bedroom in better shape? Not just clean their room but organize it and make it a productive work and relaxation space that they like too.

August is the perfect time to enlist Unjumbled to partner with your middle schooler (or high schooler!) to work with them virtually to give them a bedroom they’re proud of. How do we do this? The same way we do it with you, their parents:

Motivation sign
  • Discuss what they like and don’t like about their space
  • Set achievable goals that give them something they want that they don’t already have
  • Show them how to break the work up into bite-sized pieces
  • Teach them how to purge what no longer fits their goals
  • Walk with them through to journey to answer questions and achieve their goals
  • We inspire them, hold them accountable, and serve as their biggest cheerleaders (right behind you)

It’s not always easy to get teen and tween buy-in for a bedroom organizing project–video games win hands-down every time. We discuss in Six Reasons Your Teen Won’t Keep Their Room Organized why this is true but that’s not the end of the story. Unjumbled specializes in helping young people find their ‘why’ on organizing projects as well as setting them up for success to maintain what they start. We even make it fun along the way! (Pro tip: our Exploration Package is the best option for most students.)

teenager discouarged by organizing

August Sale!

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Use Unjumbled help your middle schooler have a productive AND fun (we’re not throwing out the video games) rest of summer!

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