Make Your Bedroom Your Oasis

Make Your Bedroom Your Oasis

The world gets pretty wild and wooly so it’s important to create an oasis in your bedroom.  You can pull the door shut and, for a little while at least, feel like everything is right with the world.  You’ll look around and soak in order, peacefulness, and nothing that reminds you of all the work waiting outside the door.

How To Make Your Bedroom An Oasis

No work in your bedroom

Don’t have a desk or work materials in your bedroom because even if you shut down your laptop, close your briefcase, and tidy up the paperwork, seeing the work that claims so much of your day can rob you of peaceful thoughts. Whether it’s your professional work, bill paying materials, or a project you’re working on, just don’t bring work into your bedroom.

messy things on desk

Be picky about the furniture you bring into your bedroom

Your bedroom should not be a place where excess furniture lands because you don’t know where else to put it. Every piece should add to the peacefulness of the room or it shouldn’t come in. But be careful! Easy chairs are often the worst thing you can bring into a bedroom although they seem like they’d be a good addition. If you don’t sit in the chairs frequently, take them out since they become clothes and stuff catchers which does not add to the peacefulness of the room.

throw pillows

Don’t keep too many blankets or pillows

It’s tempting to keep lots of cozy blankets and pretty pillows but if you have too many (listen to your spouse about what qualifies as too many!), a good thing becomes a bad thing because now they’re on the floor or pushed into a corner and that makes them clutter. Less is more!

No kid stuff in your bedroom

The kids have their own bedrooms and maybe even a playroom so they don’t need to annex your room. By not allowing them to drop things in your room, you’re teaching them to be respectful of your needs and keeping clutter out.

Make your bed every day

No matter how clean or tidy a room is, if the bed isn’t made, the room doesn’t look finished. It only takes about 2 minutes to make a bed and set a peaceful tone that you benefit from every time you enter the room.

unmade bed
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