The Best Way To Manage Your Stuff Is To Have Less Stuff To Manage

The Best Way To Manage Your Stuff Is To Have Less Stuff To Manage

Simplifying your life by having fewer things to manage can bring more peace into your household. You don’t have to become a minimalist, but choosing to be purposeful about what you bring into your home and what you keep can make life much sweeter.

Strategies To Simplify Life

Create and work from a budget – By being purposeful in how you allocate your $$$, you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases which tend to bring more things into the household than needed.

Woman's right hand is writing a budget on a pad of paper while her left hand is using a calculator. Coins are spread on the table next to a piggy bank.

Value quality over quantity – By prioritizing quality over quantity, you’ll bring fewer things into your home AND keep more of your possessions for a longer time. Less buying means more time to focus on things of true value.

Purge your excess – Evaluate how many items you need in as many categories as possible. For instance, if you have one body that wears one (two, at most) T-shirts per day and you do laundry once a week, having more than 15 T-shirts could be considered more than needed. If you have more than 2 large skillets, you have an opportunity to discard some.

Budget time like you do money – You have a finite amount of money and you have a finite amount of time each day—24 hours. If you are committed to too many things, it becomes easy to make poor eating, relaxation, and buying choices which is a slippery slope. Learn to both say ‘no’ and ask for help.

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Digital Detox – Reduce digital clutter by unsubscribing from unnecessary emails, organizing your digital files, and taking breaks from social media. (Unsubscribing from junk mail is helpful too!)

Create RoutinesEstablish daily and weekly routines that help streamline your tasks and reduce decision-making.

Single-Tasking – Focus on one task at a time instead of multitasking to improve your efficiency and allow you to give your full attention to each task.

Delegate and Outsource – Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks or outsource activities that can be done by others.

Let Go of Perfection – Waiting to declutter and simplify until you can do it perfectly guarantees you’ll never get to it. Instead, seek progress over perfection. Doing something today, even if it’s small, is a move in the right direction.

Pair of hands writing 'progress not perfection' on a note pad with a cup of coffee in a cup and saucer nearby

Is less really more? Would reducing the amount of things you have in your home really give you a sense a peace? Close your eyes and imagine your home, room by room . . .

Without piles of stuff

Without a nagging list of things to do

Without struggling to work around the mess

Where everything is easy and simple

Yeah, that would definitely be worth it!

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