Overcoming A Major Decluttering Roadblock

Overcoming A Major Decluttering Roadblock

You’re ready to declutter, but you may have a few major roadblocks to overcome. Perceived lack of time is a common roadblock, but let’s look at another roadblock that frequently pops up.

“It Doesn’t Cost Me Anything To Keep This, So I’ll Just Hang On To It”

“I already own this, so what’s the harm in keeping it? It doesn’t cost me anything.” Well, let’s look at just how costly clutter is.

Lack Of Peace

Overly full drawer

Living with clutter does not provide that peaceful, easy feeling the Eagles sing about. You experience a lack of peace every time you . . .

~ Have to jimmy open a drawer because it’s too full

~ Walk through a room and see the pile of stuff in the corner getting bigger and dustier

~ Trip over stuff in the hallway or have to bend like Gumby to get past it

~ Can’t find those papers you need and spend hours looking for them

~ Pull a wrinkled shirt from the laundry basket because your closet is too full to put away just-washed clothes

Financial Cost

Overdue stamped on paper

If you love or use the things you own, they justify the space they use. However, if you don’t love or use them frequently, they’re getting in the way of utilizing what you do love and use. This is costly when . . .

~ Bills aren’t paid on time because they’re buried and overlooked

~ Gift cards get lost and aren’t used

~ Library books go missing and an overdue fine is incurred

~ You buy the same things over and over because you can’t find what you already have

~ Valuables like cash, jewelry, paperwork, and sentimental items are nowhere to be found

Overdue stamped on paper

What Home Could (and Should) Look Like

Woman relaxing in a chair

Imagine a home where you can sit down at the end of the day and breathe easy because nothing got in the way of what you needed to do. Making dinner and cleaning up was straightforward. You ran the laundry and could easily put it away. It took 20 minutes to pay the bills. You get a free coffee at Starbucks tomorrow because you know where the gift card you received for your birthday is.

Recognizing that clutter costs more than it’s worth is the best way to remove this roadblock to decluttering. Life is beautiful when it’s Unjumbled!

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