How To Say ‘No’ To The 9 Biggest Decluttering Myths

How To Say ‘No’ To The 9 Biggest Decluttering Myths

Decluttering myths abound! The problem begins when those myths hold you back from decluttering and keep you in bondage to stuff and stress. You don’t have to live that way so let’s look at better ways to respond to these myths.

But fair warning, if any of these myths are holding you back from decluttering, you may need more than the short responses given here. No worries! Reach out to me and I’ll help you find solutions that get you past the clutter.

Myth #1 – “I might need it someday”

You might. BUT . . . there’s a good chance you won’t too. A better way to look at this is to apply the 20/20 rule. Don’t hold yourself hostage to the ‘what-ifs’ of tomorrow.

Myth # 2 – “I don’t have the time; it’s too overwhelming”

Have you noticed yet that you never seem to have more time? Ask any retiree, this doesn’t change as you get older. There’s always more to do than time to do it in so don’t fall for the myth that you’ll have more time in the future. Instead, declutter gradually in small, manageable steps.

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Myth #3 – “Sentimental items must be kept”

It’s important to curate your sentimental items so that you’re only keeping the best of the best. Remember, when everything’s special, nothing’s special.

Myth #4 – “I paid a lot for this”

Holding onto items because they were expensive is a trap. The money has already been spent, so keeping items that aren’t used or loved won’t bring it back.

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Myth #5 – “I’ll organize it later”

Notice this myth is about ‘organizing’ rather than ‘decluttering’. Organizing is essential, but it comes after decluttering, not as a way to delay it.

Myth #6 – “I’ll sell everything I don’t need”

While selling items can be a great way to recoup some money, it’s often time-consuming and may not be as profitable as expected. Many things are better off donated (don’t forget to take the tax write-off!) or given away.

Myth #7 – “I don’t have enough space for storage”

Believing you need more storage space to declutter is counterproductive. The goal is to reduce the number of items you own, not to find more places to hide them.

Myth #8 – “My adult children will want these someday”

Don’t assume your children will want your possessions. They may have different tastes and priorities, so it’s better to ask them what they truly want.

Myth #9 – “Decluttering is only for younger people”

There’s a special name for decluttering once you’re middle-aged and beyond . . . Swedish death cleaning. You get the benefit of less clutter and seeing the joy in friends’ and family’s faces when you pass prized possessions on to them while they have less to sort through when you’re gone. Win/win!

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Decluttering is a personal journey, and the myths people believe vary widely. The key is to assess your situation, needs, and goals and then . . . just do it! (If you need a helping hand along the way . . . I’m here for you. Every step of the way.)

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