Unjumbling Your Home And Life With Your Smart Organizing Friend

Unjumbling Your Home And Life With Your Smart Organizing Friend

When someone drops into a chair and says, “I’m beat–I can’t keep dancing!” at a wedding reception, it sounds like a fun party is happening. When a person says this about their life, it doesn’t sound fun at all.

Like music, life can play pretty fast and become exhausting. When that happens, what do you do? Continuing to dance to a wildly fast tune isn’t the answer. Why not find a tempo you can keep pace with and enjoy? Unfortunately, the habits and systems you’ve created are difficult to change.

What’s Gone Wrong?

Messy house

If you’re rarely home, how can your house be so messy? It’s because of Drop & Run. The less time you have at home, the less time you have to put things away. You run into the house, drop whatever you have from where you just came, do something quickly, and run out of the house again. When you repeat this daily, piles grow and get out of control.

Woman with post-it notes all over her face. Each post-it note has a task that needs to be done at home

Dirty house

Because there is no system to tidy your home, it becomes difficult to clean it. After all, you can’t clean spaces you can’t get to. The dirtier a home is, the less enticing it is to clean. The less enticing it is to clean, the dirtier it gets.

Tabletop with simple decorations


You’ve overbooked yourself, and you’re tired from all the activities. Then you come home to a house that feels anything but homey. It’s cluttered, dirty, and feels like it’s judging (and condemning!) you. Where is that peaceful retreat you so desperately need?

How Do You Make It Better?

If you had a magic wand (or an army of helpers) to make the mess disappear, what would prevent it from re-appearing? Nothing, since you haven’t changed any behaviors that caused the problem.

Virtual organizing to the rescue! As a virtual organizer, I help people all over the United States learn how to do the work and sustain it by addressing clutter, relationships within the home, and schedules that are creating the mess.


I start by working with you in our Discovery Session to learn about your challenges, what works well for you, and what doesn’t. I’ll also find out how the various personalities in your household help (or don’t help!) solve the problem and discuss your schedule demands. From this, I’ll create a detailed Strategic Report that will serve as our roadmap to unjumbling your life and something you can refer to in the future when life tries to become jumbled again.


I’ll lead you through the decisions and decluttering that have been hard previously because you didn’t know what to do or lacked the confidence and accountability to follow through. When you feel like giving up because the path becomes difficult, I’ll give you the tips and techniques to bring you through the challenges.

Sherpa climbing a sunlit mountain


I’ll make sure you know why you’re doing what you’re doing and why as you declutter stuff and schedules. Not only will you know what to do, you’ll understand why it works and how to avoid problems in the future.


I will be your biggest cheerleader! I’ll help you see what you’ve already done right and cheer you toward the finish line as you learn how to reach your goal. You ARE amazing, and I’ll show you exactly why each step of the way.

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