How To Maximize Bathroom Organization In 16 Easy Steps

How To Maximize Bathroom Organization In 16 Easy Steps

The heart of all organizing projects is decluttering. In fact, 95% of organizing is decluttering, and bathrooms are no different. It may seem like having the right stackable organizer or divided tray is the answer (and maybe it is AFTER decluttering), but it’s not the place to start.


Declutter everything that is:

Woman straightening drawer in well-laid out bathroom vanity

Expired – Check dates on make-up, skin care products, and medications. Toss out expired items. It can be easy to think, “How bad is that mascara, really?” but outdated products change consistency or become less effective. Others become a breeding ground for bacteria. Don’t risk it—toss it!

Duplicates – Combine duplicates when possible. Toss or donate when you have more than you will ever use.

Never use – If you haven’t used something in a year, get rid of it. Not using something means you didn’t need it, had something else you preferred, or forgot about it because it was out of sight and you don’t need it.

Broken – We keep broken hair dryers, combs, razors, and assorted things because we believe we will fix them later or figure out a workaround to use them again. But our history shows us we only get busier. If you don’t have time to take care of a broken item now, why do you expect time to have time in the future?

Feet on a sidewalk with 3 arrows drawn in sidewalk chalk that point left, right, and straight ahead.

If you’re struggling to get rid of something because you’ve already paid for it and it seems wrong to discard it, read about decluttering roadblocks and get the real scoop on how free clutter is. The 20/20 Rule says it’s OK to let go when items are replaceable in 20 minutes or less or for $20 or less.


Minimize what’s on countertops

Uncluttered countertops are visually appealing and easy to clean. They continue to look great rather than just for a day or two after cleaning day.

Minimize decorative items – Avoid using on small vanities and use only 1 or 2 on a large vanity. When it comes to bathrooms, a clean, fresh look is decoration enough. Decor gets dusty which creates the opposite desired effect.

Hair supplies – Excess hair products, equipment, and accessories are unsightly. If possible, don’t leave any on the countertop. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but often, decluttering the drawers and cabinets below the countertop gives you plenty of room.

Don’t leave out make-up, hair supplies, or anything you’re not using on a daily basis. It’s worth taking a few seconds to put away items that don’t have daily use.

Keep disinfecting wipes in the bathroom. Use to wipe the sink and countertop while waiting for the shower water to heat up. It’s an easy way to have an always-clean sink and vanity.

Minimize what’s under the sink

Even if you don’t use this area much, you want to be able to see and grab everything easily. You will thank yourself every time you go into it this cupboard if you keep it clutter-free.

Cleaning supplies neatly organized under bathroom sink

Cleaning supplies – Keeping cleaning supplies under the sink makes it easier to clean the bathroom regularly. You don’t need many products. Keep toilet bowl cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner with disinfectant (or disinfectant wipes), glass cleaner, microfiber cloths, and a roll of paper towels.

Miniature hotel toiletries – They’re free so we tend to keep too many too long. It’s OK to keep two or three of various items, but let’s face it, it’s hard to get the product out, and we often keep them past their expiration.

Storage Hacks

Here are some ideas to increase storage in a small bathroom, but don’t be tempted to use them to avoid decluttering.

Small, floating shelves – These are useful for keeping shaving supplies or a make-up basket on

Two floating shelves in a bathroom that are holding things to be used in the bathroom

Towels – If your bathroom is small and you don’t have much room in your linen closet (or don’t have one), roll up towels and put them in a large basket or bin outside the bathroom

Make-up, hair supplies, shaving supplies – Place in a basket you keep in your bedroom or guest bedroom to carry into the bathroom when needed.

3M Command Strips – use on the inside of cupboard doors to hold a hair dryer, brushes, etc.

Over-the-door Shoe Organizer – use to hold make-up, hair supplies, and other health and beauty products

Ask Unjumbled! – There are many storage hacks, but different people have different needs. I can show you creative ways to improve your bathroom that don’t involve re-shuffling what you have and then sticking it in a basket or bin. Instead, let’s create a bathroom that looks good, does what you need it to do, and can be easily maintained.

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