Decluttering Delight: A Journey to Minimalism in One Woman’s World

Decluttering Delight: A Journey to Minimalism in One Woman’s World

The best part of my job is helping my clients find the “real” them. In a world of chaos and distractions, everyone wants to find peace and harmony in their living space, but this can be challenging. What brings one person peace and harmony differs from what appeals to another. My job as a professional organizer is to help people discover what best reflects who they are (keeping in mind the other people in the household) and then help them achieve it.

Natalie’s Journey

Natalie is one of the clients I helped along the journey of discovering who she is and how she wants to live.

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Commitment to Clarity

As Natalie and I talked, she realized she wanted fewer physical items AND to release some responsibilities that kept her over-busy and left no time to declutter and enjoy her space. I developed a strategy for her to declutter her home room by room in order to have a decluttered and organized home within 6 months. We also talked through her daily schedule. I helped her modify the complexity of meals she was making, revise her laundry system, combine errands, and enlist help from other household members.

Start Small, Dream Big

I had Natalie begin with baby steps. Tackling her entire home in one go would only overwhelm her, so I assigned her homework to declutter drawer by drawer, shelf by shelf, pile by pile for 4-5 days per week. Natalie loved the feeling of success as she conquered an area and gained confidence and momentum to continue her decluttering journey.

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The Joy of Letting Go

As Natalie continued to declutter, she discovered the joy of letting go. Holding onto items that no longer resonated with her present self weighed her down. Adopting a mindful approach, she asked herself, “Does this item bring me joy? Does it serve a purpose in my life?” If the answer was no, it was time to bid farewell and create space for what truly matters. If she was stuck or it was hard to let something go, she reached out to me as a sounding board to figure out what to do.

An Organized Oasis

No surprise, as Natalie decluttered and organized, she found that it wasn’t always easy to keep it that way. That’s life! But I taught and reminded her of the value of having at least one spot in her home where she could always feel peaceful. Her own oasis. By re-charging in her oasis, she had the energy to re-employ her decluttering tools and encourage family members to keep helping.

Mindful Consumption

I encouraged Natalie to bring less into her home. Owning less means managing less. She now pauses and reflects before making impulsive purchases. She considers her limited space and buys less in bulk.

Sharing the Love

As Natalie decluttered, sometimes she had the time and energy to recycle and donate what she no longer wanted. Other times, her time and energy required her to throw away what she no longer wanted . . . and that’s OK; she knew she could donate and recycle in the future when her home was under control. During the difficult phases of decluttering, she had to look out for her needs.

Journey’s End

In the pursuit of getting control of her home and schedule, Natalie discovered that decluttering is a transformative journey. She learned to develop intentional actions, mindful choices, and an unwavering commitment to achieving and sustaining a more peaceful life. The journey is never over, but now Natalie is well-equipped to pursue and enjoy the lifestyle she has chosen. I was privileged to share the journey (and joy) with her.

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