6 Ways To Make Decluttering Easier

6 Ways To Make Decluttering Easier

If decluttering was easy, you’d be done by now, wouldn’t you? But that just isn’t the case. Let’s take a look at why it’s so challenging–and what to do about it.

Decluttering Struggle

Decluttering isn’t just about getting rid of physical objects; it involves confronting emotional attachments, habits, and decades old patterns.

Emotional Attachments

We form emotional connections with our belongings, whether it’s a sentimental gift from a loved one or an item that reminds us of a special event. Letting go of these objects feels like parting with a piece of our identity or memory.

Fatigued woman standing in front of a window, holding her glasses, and rubbing her temples.

Decision Fatigue

Every item we own requires a decision: keep, donate, or discard. The constant need to make choices is mentally exhausting, especially when you face a large amount of clutter.

Fear of Waste

We hesitate to discard items that still hold value: monetary or functional. The fear of wasting resources can lead to keeping things even if those items no longer serve a purpose in our lives.


Clutter accumulates over time, making decluttering an ever-expanding task. It’s easier to turn a blind eye to piles and walk around them than to think about finding the time and energy to deal with the piles.

Make Decluttering Less Daunting

Decluttering presents challenges but YOU’RE the boss—not the clutter. YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

Start Small

Instead of tackling an entire room at once, begin with a smaller, more manageable area like a single drawer or shelf. Break the task into smaller chunks to make it less overwhelming and allow for a sense of accomplishment with each completed area.

Follow the One-In, One-Out Rule

The One-In/One-Out rule says that for every new item you bring into your home, remove an existing item. If you have lots of clutter, modify this rule. Use a One-In/Two-Out or One-In/Three-Out rule to get further ahead.

Unleash ACE

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We meet via Zoom for 30-minute sessions once a week for 4 weeks. Each week, we’ll hold you accountable to reach your goal, stay anchored and have fun within our community, and provide you with ENCOURAGEMENT.

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